Author: Abhinav Chandrayan

Abhinav Chandrayan has worked in the Writing industry for 2 years, gaining experience in Media & Advertising and Market Research Industry. As a seasoned writer, he is passionate about advancing his writing skills by reading and working on versatile domains. In addition to writing, he is also involved in filmmaking, where his film has won the Gold Film of the Year Award in the year 2016 at IFP. Outside of the office, Abhinav enjoys traveling, sports, and exploring different movie niches.
through channel marketing

Why Through-Channel Marketing Software is NOW a MUST for Your Business Brand

Through-channel marketing software is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform which allows the marketing team to provide solutions to measure local marketing advertisements. Through-channel marketing software is now a vital component of the marketing portfolio that magnifies customer-facing messaging and content. An analytics tool is required to provide actionable insights, such as what kind of content is […]

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content marketing
Content Marketing

What is the Importance of Content Marketing and How to Create Strategies for Boosting Your Business?

It is no secret that old-style forms of marketing are less effectual than they were once for transforming leads into customers and reaching prospects, and also interrupted audience members. Thus, content marketing is now turning out to be an extremely popular and important way for businesses to influence and engage their targeted audience. One can […]

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